Kuehne Showcase

January 30, 2017

Wayne Baynard was hired full time by what was the Chloramone Company (a subsidiary of Kuehne at the time) as a Truck Driver on December 14, 1993.  Wayne always had a strong sense of duty to help make the Kuehne Company the best company possible.  Some examples of the contributions Wayne made to Kuehne are:  he worked as the Relief Transportation Supervisor for many years, he helped define the specifications for new tractors when the Company switched to leasing some Peterbuilt tractors, he installed and tested a trial compressor on his tractor, and was often asked to run deliveries to customers where an issue had occurred to act as an advocate and help improve our relationship with the customer. 

For a period in the middle to late nineties Wayne assisted the Company serving as a mechanic/driver.  Through his initiative in removing the carbon steel ladders and walkways and replacing them with stainless steel he was instrumental in upgrading our fleet of hypochlorite trailers.  Further, his contributions were very valuable in the design of our chlorine export trailers as he developed a very unique method of chocking and stabilizing the containers.

Wayne, our driver with the longest tenure here at Kuehne, focused on critical deliveries to facilities in the mideast seaboard of the United States. This included Fairfax County in Arlington, VA; the City of Washington DC; the City of Philadelphia and the City of Baltimore just to name a few.  Eric Johnson who is with the City of Baltimore paid Wayne a complement recently stating “Wayne was cordial, cooperative and a pleasure to work with.”  As we consider our delivery drivers our Ambassadors at the customer’s facilities, these words are always very good to hear.

Wayne will be retiring in February and so we say, "thank you for your long and professional service to Kuehne.  It has been, for us too, a pleasure to work with you."



Manny Cunha has been a Kuehne employee since February 1980.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Management.

He has performed a wide variety of functions within the company during his tenure, such as supervisory roles, both in production and engineering; and managerial roles in production and engineering, such as Director of Manufacturing and Plant Manager.  He is also Technician-Level Trained Emergency Responder.

Currently, Mr. Cunha is Kuehne’s Chlor-Alkali-Hypochlorite Technologist, which allows him to provide technological support to engineering and operations, as well as provide technical support and assistance to the sale force as an adjunct resource, including customers’ service and training.

For the past 22 years, Mr. Cunha has been a voting member of several Issue Teams of the Chlorine Institute, and presently, he is a voting member of the Transportation Issue Team.  He has also served on the Chlorine Institute’s Board of Directors for six years.

Please feel free to contact Manny with any technical questions at (973) 589-0700 ext. 1138.