Kuehne Showcase

June 20, 2017

Mario Cifuentes was hired by PH Doremus Chemical (Chloramone) in 1985. Over the many years of valued service with the Company Mario has been involved in many aspects of the business including: customer service, transportation dispatch, emergency response, accounts receivable and payroll. Currently, Mario focuses his attention on Raw Material Management and IT.

While at Kuehne Mario graduated from RETS Institute of Technology with a diploma in Computer Science.  This diploma has served him and Kuehne well over the years.  Mario actively manages the entire IT department with responsibilities ranging from IT support to coordinating third party server vendors. Mario was instrumental during Hurricane Sandy in keeping the Company servers operational; enabling the Company to keep servicing our valued Customers.

There is not one employee at Kuehne that does not think of Mario as someone who gets stuff done no matter what.  Thank you, Mario, for your many years of exceptional service and to many more to come.


Manny Cunha has been a Kuehne employee since February 1980.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Management.

He has performed a wide variety of functions within the company during his tenure, such as supervisory roles, both in production and engineering; and managerial roles in production and engineering, such as Director of Manufacturing and Plant Manager.  He is also Technician-Level Trained Emergency Responder.

Currently, Mr. Cunha is Kuehne’s Chlor-Alkali-Hypochlorite Technologist, which allows him to provide technological support to engineering and operations, as well as provide technical support and assistance to the sale force as an adjunct resource, including customers’ service and training.

For the past 22 years, Mr. Cunha has been a voting member of several Issue Teams of the Chlorine Institute, and presently, he is a voting member of the Transportation Issue Team.  He has also served on the Chlorine Institute’s Board of Directors for six years.

Please feel free to contact Manny with any technical questions at (973) 589-0700 ext. 1138.