• The Kuehne Company was founded in 1919 by the Kuehne family in Newark, New Jersey. In 1965 they built their first chlor-alkali plant in Elizabeth, New Jersey. In 1972, they moved their manufacturing facilities to Linden, New Jersey. Soon thereafter, they acquired Marzahl Chemical and moved their manufacturing and offices to South Kearny, NJ.

    In 1987, they formed a separate company called Kearny Barge Company, Inc., and started transporting bleach and caustic via barge. Kuehne acquired The Chloramone Corporation in 1989, and a year later shipped their first barge of sodium hypochlorite. Kuehne added another barge to their fleet in 1997 - The CASOH - to transport Castor Oil, and in 1998, Kuehne built its second chlor-alkali plant in Delaware City, Delaware.

    Kuehne continued to grow in 2000 by purchasing the chlorine and sodium hypochlorite business from Delta Chemical Corporation in Baltimore, Maryland. Kuehne commenced the manufacturing of their "Strong Bleach" in 2002, and in 2010, they announced the development of a new, state of the art, brine to bleach facility in South Kearny, New Jersey, which started up in April 2015.